Product #: 999010650

Weight: 10


ENVIRO-PATROL MULTI PURPOSE CLEANER This high performance multi-purpose cleaner is formulated to meet strict environmentally preferable requirements without sacrificing performance. Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a safe and versatile product for floors, woodwork and any other surface not harmed by water. It is also an effective odor neutralizer against the toughest malodors in grease traps, drains and disposals. It can be used in a mop and bucket, auto scrubber and pressure washer application. It is effective against both oil and water based soils and leaves no sticky or soapy residue to attract soils. The low odor feature of this product makes it a pleasant product to use. Multi-Purpose Cleaner is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment (DfE) Formulator Initiative. For use in the CLEANWORKS-2 system. Two 2 liter bottles per case makes 129 gallons of ready to use product.