Product #: SP*007229

Weight: 415


Zep Slide is a clear, colorless, silicone, light-duty lubricant, release agent and protectant. It contains a combination of silicone oils dispersed in a low-odor aliphatic solvent, but no chlorinated solvents that deplete the ozone. It is perfect as a lubricant and protective coating for automatic vending machine operators, hotels, motels, sports suppliers, recreation suppliers, industrial machinery manufacturers, building materials dealers and office machines. It shields out corrosive elements such as air and water and does not corrode metal surfaces. Use as a release agent for all types of molds as it does not carbonize heated molds, and it prevents a build-up of waxes, films and adhesives on processing, packing and sealing equipment. It also works as a light-duty coating for rubber surfaces on automobiles and food service equipment to soften and maintain flexibility. The lubricating film remains effective in temperatures ranging from -40° to 450°F.